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Great Devotee of mother Goddess Kali revered Sri Ram Krishna Paramhamsha and Brahmo Acharya Bijoy Krishna Goswami

Sri Ram Krishna Paramhamsha and Brahmo Acharya Bijoy Krishna Goswami

Acharya Bijoy Krishna was introduced to revered Sri Ramkrishna on 27th October 1882, at Dakshineswar, a suburban town near Calcutta. When Ramkrishna knew that Bijoy Goswami was born in the lineage of Prabhu Adwaityacharya, he gave him a seat near him and showed due respect as a Prabhu’s descendant. His appearance attracted him.

Sri Ramkrishna then said, “I know of a Gosai of Shantipur who was a great exponent of Sri Bhagwat. Often he would shed tears and blood droplets oozed out with sweat in rapture while discoursing on Bhagwat.

Brahmo Acharya Bijoy Krishna politely nodded, “Yes he was my father Ananda Kishore Goswami. He left for his celestial abode in rapture while discoursing on Bhagwat. Sri Ramkrishna exclaimed- like father like son. When a visitor pointed out that he has became a Brahmo, Sri Ramkrishna said, “That is the age old path of the trio-“Adwaitya, Chaitanya, Nityananda” (meaning- that is the actual spiritual ladder, the first step is knowledge i.e. Adwaitya and Brahma, second step to dwell in that consciousness i.e. Chaitanya and lastly to delve in the ocean of perennial joy i.e. Nityanada). Bijoy is now gearing up for the third step.” Bijoy Krishna was spellbound to see the insight of the liberated saint.

Sri Ramkrishna then asked Naren (Vivekananda later) to sing- “De ma pagal kore, aar kaaj neyee more Gnyan Bichare….” (Meaning- Oh mother goddess! Madden me (in rapture of your love). No more I need knowledge and intellectual judgment…”). Hearing the few lines of the song Bijoy Krishna’s whole being was electrified with a current of rapture and he sprang up. Sri Ram Krishna followed. Both remained standing in trance.  Dr. Mahendra N. Sarkar who had come to examine the condition of Ramkrishna who was suffering from throat cancer also became frozen along with others.

Sri Ramkrishna said later, “When the soul is soaring high in the sky why keep the body in the cage?” The indication was that it was time for Bijoy to resign from the duty bound job of a priest of Brahmo Samaj and lead a free life of an ascetic. Bijoy Krishna’s heart was also crying for that. He left for Gaya and at Akashganga hill he got initiated by a great saint of            Manas Sarovar Brahmananda Paramhamsha and spent months in intense AJAPA-SADHAN.

Ten months after his first visit with Sri Ramkrishna Bijoy Krishna came to see him again. Seeing a totally transformed saint in Prabhu Bijoy Krishna during this span of ten months, the insight of the great saint recognized him immediately.

Sri Ramkrishna asked. “Bijoy, I suppose you have got an abode (shelter of Sadguru)? Smilingly Bijoy Krishna nodded in affirmation.

Sri Ramkrishna then, looking at Narendra (Vivekananda) reiterated- “I can recognize a Paramhamsa (liberated one) by looking at his face. I see Bijoy has totally transformed all his signs have changed, see how he has condensed!”
Prabhu Bijoy Krishna was no less a connoisseur of saints. He said- It is not possible to know you unless you unfold yourself. Here in you, I see His expression in totality. I have come to know who you are. Saying so Bijoy Krishna hold the saint’s feet and both of them became still in trance. The waves of their spiritual aura permeated in the heart of the visitors. Some of them fainted, others started shedding tears, still others began chanting in praise of Guru.

After sometime NarendraNath, a Brahmo then began to sing prayer songs composed by Acharya Bijoy Krishna and sung in the Navabidhan Brahmo Samaj. The first song was- “Molino, Ponkilo money Kemone dakibo tomay…” (Oh Lord, I do not know how to pray with this impure dirt laden heart…).  The listeners immersed in devotional subjugation.

After sometime, Sankeertan started and the heart of the duo blossomed with joy. At one point they stood up and holding each other’s hand started dancing in devotional rapture.

Other devotees joined them in a circle singing and clapping. In a state of trance Gosaiji’s ochre robe fell down of which he had no sense at all. The Keertan ended and both of them came back to external senses. Finding himself bare bodied Gosaiji wore his robe and started searching for the lost key.

Sri Ramkrishna reminded Bijoy that his ancestor Adwaitya Prabhu too while dancing with Mahaprabhu often lost sense that he has become naked. Then he started laughing to see Gosaiji searching for the key and said allegorically, “What else is left now to be kept under lock and key? I find that everything that was yours has been stolen.” Gosaiji also joined in the laughter. He made up his mind to hand over the key of the Brahmo temple of which he was the head priest in-charge.

Sri Ramkrishna said, “Bijoy gets the joy here also (as he gets in the company of other devotional gatherings).”

On another occasion when the duo were chatting with each other Gosaiji put forward his cherished question to Sri Ramkrishna, “How to get devotional love for God?” Sri Ramkrishna replied,”Unless practiced from young age one cannot purify his mind. When the mind is pure “Gnyan-Bhakti” starts growing. Pure Bhakti is a gift of God. If not practiced in the earlier days, the venom of the worldly desires gradually transfers in the blood and nothing but repentance remains in the old age. Gosaiji then said, “If an able doctor is found he can bring down the venom and cure a doomed patient.”

Sri Ramkrishna - “Oh! Such a doctor is only available to an extremely lucky person. The Sadguru (doctor) is none but God himself. He can deliver the sins in three clapping. He looked affectionately at Bijoy Krishna.

In an annual function of Brahmo- Samaj the mass prayer was to be conducted by Acharya Bijoy Krishna Goswami and the honorable guest-in-chief was Sri Ramkrishna. During the prayer Goswamiji started saying- Oh mother, you have come to give me Prasad. Kindly distribute to everybody. He came down from his seat in a tranced state. The Brahmos were not accustomed top hear mother goddesses’ name in a prayer so humming started among them. To control the situation Sankeertan started. Both Bijoy Krishna and Ramkrishna stood up and started dancing. Others also joined in the unprecedented dance in Brahmo prayer in a hypnotic state.

When the Keertan and dance stopped Gosaiji completed the Brahmo prayer and came to Ramkrishna, highly pleased to hear the name of mother goddess ‘Ma’ in a prayer of the formless Brahma Ramkrishna said that Brahma & his Shakti (power) are not different. It is an ignorance to differentiate between the two.
That is why mother goddess has chosen Bijoy from the Brahmo-Samaj to bestow (PREM-BHAKTI) devotional love.

A few months later Bijoy Krishna resigned from the position of the preacher and went to Dhucca where the local Brahmo Samaj cordially invited him to adorn the chair of the Acharya. By that time Gosaiji started initiating his Brahmo associates with AJAPA-MANTRA.

Sri Ramkrishna came to know that Bijoy Krishna has been empowered to give AJAPA-SADHAN as Sadguru. Whoever came to him with a prayer for Deeksha, he sent them to Sadguru Bijoy Krishna. The first person he sent to Sadguru was Sridhar Ghosh who later became a great devotee of Sadguru and realized him as God incarnate.

Before his demise Sadguru Bijoy Krishna went to Calcutta from Dhucca to see him. Sri Ramkrishna called him upstairs when the disciples disallowed him on the ground of seriously ill health of their Guru. Jagadguru Sri Ramkrishna and Sadguru Bijoy Krishna had a closed door discussion for a long time which none of them disclosed later.

Even after his demise Ram Krishna advised his torch bearer disciple Swami Vivekananda to see Bijoy Krishna. After coming back from his tour to the western world revered Swamiji came to see Sadguru Bijoy Krishna at a residence where Bijoy Krishna was temporarily staying and asked for his blessing in his mission of selfless service to mankind. Both of them prostrated to each other before departure.
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